Pictures: Working from Home During COVID-19

The 2019–2020 coronavirus pandemic has led to several nations announcing lockdown in order to control the spread. As a result, many companies are operating remotely with employees working from home, including Yethi.

We understand that ‘Work From Home’ can get exhausting. Coupled with social distancing, it becomes exhausting AND frustrating. These are tough times but it might help to think that we’re all in this together, as a community.

We’re proud of our team for their amazing cooperation during this crisis and we’d like to give them a shoutout! Here are some pictures of them working from their homes.


Work from Home - COVID 19 - Yethi
Picture by Amit Omhari Singh


Work from Home - Dark Mode
Picture by Shruti Kaushik


Work from Home - COVID 19 - Yethi
Picture by Pradeep Narayanan


Work from Home Desk
Picture by Likith Somashekar


Work from Home - COVID 19
Picture by Sachin Mishra


Work from Home - COVID 19
Picture by Srajan Shetty


Work from Home - India
Picture by G Shilpa Rao


Work from Home - COVID 19
Picture by Sagar


Laptop with Headphones
Picture by Vidhun K S


Picture by Virupaksha V Tippa


Work from Home - COVID 19
Picture by Harish Kolle


Work from Home - COVID 19
Picture by Sathish Kumar Subramaniam


Picture by Vivek Karat


Work from Home
Picture by Varshini Sushma

It was great to see how our team members are doing, in pictures. Remember to check in on your colleagues and communicate frequently. Stay safe!


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