Is Offshore Testing Advisable for Your Business?

It is a sheer competency to handle the entire testing process from a location that is far away from the actual business site. Offshore testing or remote testing is a testing model where a company or an organization outsources the testing process to a team located in a different country. The doubt that sneaks in mind is offshore testing advisable for businesses? Can the resources, tools, and environment be favorable to carry on offshore testing without any disruption?

The business in the current scenario is reaping high benefits from this testing model, which means there’s something extremely advantageous about this arrangement. Offshore testing is increasing daily due to advancements in innovative technology facilitated by online tools. Offshore testing can be optimized with right software testing suite, skilled and expert testing team working remotely in highly competent and convertible environment.

Let us look at the benefits of Offshore testing team,

  1. Deploying a testing team at the business site will need organizations to make necessary arrangements. It requires organizations to set up an infrastructure suitable for testing projects, arranging a place in the office set up for the testing team, in addition to the obvious ones like travelling and staying arrangements. With the offshore testing model, organizations can take the stress out of the equation as the testing team will execute the end-to-end testing process from a remote location. Hence, Offshore testing is a cost-efficient option for any business.
  2. By outsourcing the testing projects offshore, the management team frees up the resources to focus on other priorities. Resources within the organization may have expertise in other domain areas. By outsourcing the testing projects, the organizations can delegate their team to different domain verticals to build expertise.
  3. The offshore testing model is a leap toward digitalization as the organizations’ core application is tested by other software around the clock.
  4. By outsourcing the testing projects, organizations can save time and focus on other areas of business that require close attention.
  5. Offshore testing expedites the software development process. In an ideal scenario like this, the testing and development process occur simultaneously, allowing the organization to speed up the software development process and leave it with the offshore testing team to do the rest.

How effective an Offshore testing team is?

An organization looks for the potential, experience, and expertise when choosing an offshore testing team. An offshore testing team is also selected based on similar projects they have executed in the past. In an ideal offshore testing model, the team focuses on quality assurance services to determine whether the software meets the predefined requirement. Organizations clearly define the benchmark for the projects, which they share with the offshore team.

The offshore testing team must be competent enough to execute end-to-end testing, including functional and non-functional testing. The testing project is strategically managed by a dedicated Test Centre of Excellence consisting of skilled and proficient test consultants. From test planning and designing to test execution, everything is done at the beginning of project inception to ensure that the offshore testing team achieves success in offering maximum benefits of the testing practices.

The offshore testing team focuses much on integration with the core enterprise applications and tests them at the integration points because it combines the different units, modules, and components of the software as a group to evaluate the specified functional requirements. Offshore testing is an effective process as it aims at achieving the highest benefits for the organization by significantly investing a lesser cost for the testing practice. It allows the testing process to take place in different geographical locations rather than appointing an in-house testing team.

It is important for businesses to transform digitally. It aims at ensuing end user experience with infrastructure, processes, and tools to enable rapid delivery of product value to consumers. The offshore testing occurs at the digital level, which ensures brand consistency across multiple channels and consumer platforms. It focuses on delivering better value quickly and more efficiently. Offshore allows application testing on different device configurations so that newer technologies are being adopted at a much faster pace.

As the development processes are becoming more Agile, testers are adopting the DevOps methodologies to meet the need of shorter and faster development cycles. Offshore testing allows organizations to reduce the turnaround time and improve the speed of release code to production. Offshore testing resources can prove to be efficient and cost effective lowering the expenses approximately by 30%-40% than onsite resources. The process is managed by a team who is expert, skilled, and knowledgeable.

Is Offshore Testing Advisable for Your Business?

In this business world, all organizations do not have enough resources for testing their product, software, etc. In such a case, offshore testing is the best option rather than appointing in-house teams, resources, etc. Sometimes it is challenging for a group of 5-7 testers to manage tests, find out bugs, check duplication and provide code reviews; for all such types of tasks, it is best to do offshore testing by transferring data to other departments located in different countries. An offshore testing team,

  • Provides a pool of expert testers:

A pool of expert testers is the only one who works for the testing project and acquiring test services from an organization with a pool of expert testers is lucky for them. Such testers work on performance testing and provide comprehensive results, which are error-free and give great market hits. An organization should hire an offshore testing company that will provide them with specialist suggestions to make the testing strategy more efficient and effective.

  • Provides quick results:

An organization can get faster results of its testing by acquiring offshore testing services within a fixed period. A specialized company will do testing, and specialized experts in their tasks give quick results with improvements.

  • Is Cost-effective:

In in-house testing, an organization must bear a high cost in appointing expert testers, purchasing software testing tools, paying them salaries, etc. This will be a significant burden on the organizations, especially those who have started their business recently. Offshore testing is the best alternative for them and saves all costs an organization bears in in-house testing.

  • Saves plenty of time:

Offshore testing saves time in two ways. First, the offshore staff uses those instruments and techniques with their experts to make data error-free and work on quality improvement, saving much time. Second, an organization can direct human and production resources to focus on the company’s main activities. So, offshore testing is also the best option for organizations that require quality assurance services.

  • Focus on the development of software products:

In offshore testing, the experts only focus on developing, improving, and focusing on the sales and marketing strategy of a product. When the right people are working on the right domain, the product will be highly beneficial for the marketing concerns and increases sales.

  • Bug free software:

The offshore expert testers are those who guarantee bug-free software. Testing is done by qualified staff who are experts in their work. Along with in-house testing, it is a comprehensive task for the appointed experts because they are not that many experts like the offshore testers.

  • Uninterrupted work cycles:

The offshore work team will consistently work on a particular task uninterruptedly because it is the primary and only task of the offshore experts. In in-house testing, there is the full involvement of the organization managers, workers, directors in their performed tasks, which will result in delayed results and interrupted work cycles.

The benefits of offshore testing are discussed above, which is advisable for businesses also. The decision of offshore testing is in the hands of the company and an organization. A product is more liked by the customers, which qualified experts and all the necessary already test and valuable changes are made at every level of the product. Testing like functional testing, integration testingperformance testingacceptance testing, UI/UX testing, and Daily Regression Test Run can be done in various modules and multi-device configuration led by the expert test engineers.

Why Yethi for offshore testing?

Yethi’s each offshore project is headed by an expert consultant working seamlessly with your onsite team. We can quickly scale capacity to meet the needs of your business. Additionally, by harnessing Time Zone differences, we can jointly create a continuous testing cycle. As soon as your team concludes their working day, the offshore team can continue the workload in a seamless and coordinated manner. Our highly experienced testing & digital consultants understand the processes and technologies involved in digital projects. They possess best practices skills gained from continual training and development as well as real-world experience working with clients across a variety of domains in the Banking and Financial Services space. In today’s challenging environment, the challenges of business continuity can be addressed through offshore testing of the digital platform.

Yethi’s codeless test automation platform, Tenjin, is a plug-and-play banking aware solution, with distinctive features like robotic capabilities to learn the application and re-learn after any updates, so regardless of the complexity and number of updates, the test execution is fast, minimizing manual effort. Tenjin works flawlessly across multiple applications. It is developed with cutting edge technology yet is business user-friendly and requires minimal tech skills to handle the tool. It works seamlessly both in a traditional waterfall model and agile mode. Yethi’s substantial repository of more 8.5 million test cases to test multiple global banking software platforms with ease. Tenjin delivers automation in test portfolios, agility of in-sprint regression testing and up to 35% reduction in cost & cycle time using risk-based testing methodologies.


Offshore testing is an attractive option as the testing process is conducted by a highly skilled group of testers. Sometimes, it will be challenging for the organization to choose the best offshore testing company from the list of companies. When pricing is the critical factor of the organization, then offshore testing is often considered an advantage. The focus of offshore testing is to provide quality assurance services. It also works well with quantitative testing because it allows you to get data from a large sample size of test participants. In offshore testing data migration support plays a vital role.