Codeless Test Automation for Banks – The What, Why, How

The world is stepping into a new era where technologies fuel digital transformation across all sectors. While it sounds exciting, this innovation and digital transformation impose many challenges for both the development and testing team.

Many QA professionals are still facing gaps in automating test cases which slows down the software development process. Sometimes they lack the expertise required to write test scripts. The errors in the test scripts are the prime reason for the failed automation attempts.

Though code-based testing is time-consuming and requires more effort, it is the most effective strategy for delivering the highest product quality. But it does not fit well in the rapidly changing technology-driven world. There is a need for a solution that runs in a stable and reliable atmosphere and provides efficient results. No-code test automation solution that combines both manual and codeless automation is the way forward.

Codeless test automation eliminates the challenges faced by QA professionals. It empowers the organization to deliver accuracy, consistency and speed up the product’s release time to market. It also allows testers to automate the testing process and maintain the test scripts efficiently.

What is Codeless Test Automation?

As the name suggests, codeless test automation allows testers to automate the testing processes without writing any script. It does not require any coding skills throughout the testing phase. Codeless test automation has become very popular over the past few years as it reduces the time in test creation and boosts software release velocity. It relieves QA professionals from the responsibility of coding. But they must have a good understanding of testing methods, pain points, and business goals to deliver results.

Codeless test automation allows testers to focus. Enhancing skills and learning new technologies is a part of all the project’s requirements. But it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to learn a new programming language which often distracts QA professionals from their primary functions. Codeless test automation puts them back on track and shifts their focus on delivering the solution fast and achieving business goals.

Benefits of Codeless Test Automation

Better Test Coverage
A Codeless test automation solution provides high test coverage. It breaks the shackle of testing software or application of only one platform type. You can test a wide range of software or applications like iOS and Android applications, websites, desktops, etc. The increase in test coverage allows QA professionals to use a single platform for all their needs and reduces the time required for testing an application across multiple platforms.

Shorter Time to Market the Product
Rather than spending time on writing scripts, testers can shift their focus on validating quality. Many codeless test automation solutions offer integration features that fulfil the growing needs for scalability while managing the automation process.

Increased Test Reusability
A Codeless test automation solution stores the results of the previous test cases so that you can reuse the test steps multiple times. It takes away the hassle of manual effort by automatically upgrading the test cases. It utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to manage and maintain the test sets.

Empowered Agile Methodology
It does not require any coding or programming skills. It empowers agile methodology by allowing people with diverse skill sets and knowledge to participate in the testing process. It ensures transparency in the project and keeps a collaborative workflow for the whole team.

Codeless Test Automation with Tenjin

Tenjin automation suite covers the entire software development cycle. It automatically reads the test cases from Microsoft Excel sheets, executes them, and generates a consolidated report of the test cases and test outcomes at the end of the process. It meets the rising business needs for scalability and higher ROI.
Tenjin codeless test automation solution comes with the following comprehensive functionality-rich features:

NaviFlow Learner – automatically discovers the graphical user interface of the application and navigates through screens.

Test Manager – comes with a test manager suite that manages various test assets like test cases, test sets.

GUI Execution – executes the test cases using the application interface. It does not require any supervision or manual intervention.

API Execution – executes the test cases using the application APIs. The API execution does not require any supervision or manual intervention.

Test Reporting – provides a consolidated summary of test cases and their outputs.

Results Validator – validates whether the test cases produce the desired results.

Task Scheduler – automatically reads test cases from Microsoft excel and executes the test cases at a predefined time interval.

Data Extractor – builds the test cases by retrieving data from the application interface.

Data Publisher – publishes the test cases result to detect the management system of choices.

Audit Trail – monitors and tracks the test users’ activities.

Technology Agnostic – traverses across different platforms like smartphones, websites, etc.

Mobile App Testing – allows you to test iOS and Android application testing using devices and simulators.

Why choose Tenjin for Codeless Test Automation

The adoption of Continuous Integration/Continuous Development has changed how non-dev testers get involved in the software development process. The innovations in technology demand a solution that speeds up software development while offering a seamless customer experience. It requires a significant amount of investment in both quality assurance and application testing.

Tenjin codeless test engine is a robotic automation test suite that delivers accuracy, agility, and consistency. It is a test automation solution designed to address the complex needs of testing BFSI applications. It comes with pre-built adapters to allow quick integration with transaction process solutions such as Oracle FLEXCUBE, Infosys Finacle, Temenos, TCS BaNCS, and FIS. It is a low maintenance script-less robotic learner that brings uninterrupted operations and enhanced business performance with minimal effort.


Software testing is one of the fundamental processes of the software development life cycle. For increasing productivity and boosting the product release time to market, it is crucial to choose a solution that fits well in the existing workflow. Tenjin codeless test automation platform is one of the best tools in market that supports the end-to-end SDLC.