All About Crowd Test Automation

The world of mobile apps is vast and competitive.  The quest for user attention requires significant investment in ensuring apps are accessible, easy-to-use and cause-no-harm.  In house Quality Assurance practices and rigor allow organizations to iron out a majority of the kinks in their applications.  While such practices allow us to understand app stability and performance in a controlled environment, if your app is to be used by millions,  you would be well advised to look at a more real-world simulation with all its uncertainties before seeking out paying clients.

Crowd Testing allows you to invite a wide team of professional or amateur “testers” to use your application in a “real-world” environment, allowing you to monitor its performance across diverse scenarios.   

1. Beta & Compatibility testing

The final steps for testing are beta testing and compatibility testing. The in-house testing can hint at possible defects, but the scope of crowd testing is much wider and elaborate. The in-house testing team would lack in resources and time and may tend to overlook for complex areas. A specialized crowd testing firm follows a more recent trend such as cloud computing or BYOD (Bring your own device) resulting in compatibility across varied configurations.

2. To test wide Usability

When you are addressing a wide market and seeking for tangible data, crowd test automation is the most appropriate solution. It gives access to data like how the product is used, how the interface is navigated, which feature gets more engagement and so on. Crowd test automation helps you in procuring viable feedback maintaining your budget constraint. It covers wide provincial usability.

Benefits of Crowd testing

  1. Diversity

With the diversity of language proficiency, level of expertise and experience, crowd testing team has a wide range of attributes, which in-house QA team lacks. Rest assured that organizations will get an unbiased approach as the software will be assessed by a team who has not developed it. Moreover, there would not be an unnecessary compulsion of getting the desired result over an actual one.

2. Hardware and environment variety

Crowd testing allows test automation to be carried on a variety of devices, considering many real-world environments. Multiple testers in the crowd testing would be using a diverse set of devices to run the software. There is likely to be different form and factors of hardware and operating system. Crowd testing team use their skill, knowledge, and expertise to discover functional and user experience limitations in products and platforms. This practice provides real user testing in highly varied real-world conditions at an extraordinary scale and efficiency.

3. Efficiency & Scalability

Crowd testing is just not limited to hardware and software combinations big consumer software corporations but equally beneficial for the smaller or non-consumer-facing software companies. The organizations can test their software at scale in real-world conditions. This practice makes companies be more prepared and confident about what they release in the market. 

Crowd testing can be conducted based on-demand. It is flexible and whenever you need them, you can avail it by implementing a complete and final test cycle without pulling your resources out from different projects. But in case crowd test is set-up on regular basis it would be able to keep up with the need for continuous development cycle. Continuous testing would run parallelly to continuous integration and delivery.

A quick look at some of the benefits of crowd testing:

  • The crowd testing is available 24/7
  • It provides a fast and unbiased continuous testing source
  • It provides valuable feedback on the functionality and user-friendliness of your websites, mobile apps, chatbots, or games from an end-user perspective
  • It is customer-centric
  • Its emphasis is in the testing and development of user interfaces and visual
  • It is flexible, scalable, and quick for your digital software development

At Yethi Consulting, we offer intelligent testing services covering end-to-end product and testing solutions. Our flagship 5th generation codeless test automation tool – Tenjin is AI-driven. It is developed with new technology in automation testing for core banking application and includes a repository of 450k+ test cases for banking application in software testing. Our no-code less code capability of AI-driven test automation tool releases you from the restrictions and limitations of your development process. With seamless integration and performance, Tenjin can run on multiple devices and operating system, reducing your cost, time, and human effort. We are making the process of continuous testing simple, affordable for the agile and continuous delivery team.